Spider Vein Removal

For many people in Palm Beach County, Spider Veins cause embarrassment and low self-esteem. Spider veins, usually occurring in the legs and face, make it difficult to confidently wear shorts, capris, or skirts. However, advanced Spider Vein Removal treatments luckily offer us relief from such embarrassment. Spider veins are discolored, noticeable capillaries that are no longer necessary for any function of the body, so their appearance can be safely diminished. The featured Spider Vein Removal specialists of Palm Beach Cosmetic Plastic Surgery offer both Laser Vein Treatment and Sclerotherapy. In the case of laser therapy, the intense light of the laser targets the blood vessel beneath the skin, while posing no harm to the surrounding tissue, and delicately but intensely heats and destroys the vessel. Sclerotherapy involves the injection of solution that displaces the blood in the vein, causing it to fade from view. The only way to determine the best treatment for your spider veins is through a personal consultation with a qualified skin care specialist.

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