Laser Hair Removal

For both men and women in sunny Palm Beach, laser hair removal is a welcome break from regular shaving and waxing. Laser treatments can diminish unwanted hair on legs, arms, feet, underarms, the back, chest, or abdomen, as well as the face, neck, and shoulders. Really, any spot on the body can become hair-free with advanced laser hair removal treatments, making life in warm weather much, much easier. Laser hair removal must be performed in a series of about 5 or 6 treatments, in order to target each separate stage of hair growth (yes, hair grows in stages--so while some hairs are actively growing, others are dormant, and not detectable by laser!). The laser light intensely heats the hair follicle, located deep under the outer layer of skin. The tissue and skin surrounding the follicle is not damaged in this process. Meeting with a Laser Hair Removal specialist is the only way to find a treatment plan that is best for your skin and hair type. To arrange your personal consultation with Laser Skin Solutions, contact us using the form on the right.

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